Dear Students,

You must have heard the story of “Tortoise and Hare Race”, and the moral of the story if you remember is “Slow and steady wins the race”.

And the best dialogue that you must have heard from your parents and elders is surely this one; “My dear, life is a race. Run fast otherwise you will be left behind”. So in today’s world of competition and a non-stop race, we will talk about how to run and win the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Main and Advanced?

If your dream is to pursue your degree from the prestigious institutes across the country like the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), National Institute of Technology (NITs), and Central Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs), etc. then cracking the JEE with a marvelous score/percentile is the only best option that you have.

National Testing Agency (NTA) is the mastermind behind the successful conduction of this exam. The JEE is conducted in two phases:

  1. JEE Main
  2. JEE Advanced

Whenever you want to appear for any examination, your passion, enthusiasm, and hard work are the key parameters to prepare yourself. Dedication and concentration are the main wheels to ride this journey. So, here are some boosters to crack JEE.

Preparation of mind:

The very first thing to do while preparing for the examinations is to prepare your mind. Your mind should be in a condition to learn and absorb the learnings. So make sure with a fresh mind and positive attitude, you are starting your studies.

Knowledge of fundamentals:

Before touching the milestones, you should be well prepared with the very basics of every subject. Go for the basics of every subject, every topic first. Do not take a high jump to complicated topics. First read the basics, clear all your doubts, and then dive into the details. This will help you to get a clear understanding of the topic.

Interpretation of the data and questions asked:

Read the problems/questions carefully. Analyze the data, every single line, and correctly interpret the given problem. The correct interpretation of the problem is the half solution obtained. You must be very attentive while reading the questions. Exams like JEE Main/Advanced tests your skills by changing the pattern of the questions presented.

Prepare an activity chart:

Inline your study schedule along with your daily activities. Prepare a timetable and allot specific time to all of your daily routines. Do not rush in the last hour. Always maintain consistency in your daily routine. Studying all night before one day of tests won’t help you to achieve your goal. Instead, study slowly and steadily with dedication.

Take the test series online/offline:

You can join the coaching institutes for the preparations of JEE. As an expert can mold you in the right direction and coaching institutes are the best places to find the solutions to your problems. You can go for the online modes of teaching-learning method as well. Many online platforms provide you with good knowledge for JEE preparations. An offline class would provide you a perfect ambiance with face-to-face interaction whether you can ask your doubts freely. Several free mock tests are also available.

Selection of reference materials:

Good books and reference materials are essential for these challenging examinations. Purchase some good publications/books from the market or issue from the library if available. Take the advice from teachers/seniors/experts for the best publisher’s books.

Practice previous years question papers:

Practice makes you perfect. And a rigorous and continuous practice makes you a pro in solving the JEE questions. Take out all the previous years’ questions from the books, the internet, etc., and solve them. Attempt every single question and analyze yourself. Where you are lacking in your preparations and buck up accordingly. Go from level 1 to level 10 that is from the simplest question to the complicated one with the right confidence.

Start with the topic of your choice:

It is not mandatory to always start your study or sequentially solve your paper. If you are not confident enough, then start with the topic of your choice, whichever you are most comfortable with. This will boost your confidence and lead you towards positive results.

Every second counts:

When you are sitting in an exam room, every second, minute matters a lot. You cannot afford to waste even a second. You should always start with the easiest question. Do not give more than 10-15 seconds to a question where you are not confident enough. At this moment, you need to show your smartness so that you can get the expected outcome.

Quality over quantity:

Trust on quality instead of quantity. A quality study would end up in a quantitative output. Organize your study in such a way that you can pursue both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Do not get much involved in only one subject. Remember you have to finish the entire syllabus. Make a switch in between so that you won’t get bored by reading the same topic/subject for such a long time. Otherwise, you will lose interest and get frustrated.

Last but not least, always enjoy your studies. Do not consider them as a burden on your shoulders. Take some time to relax. Take a break after one or two hours. Talk to your family, sit with them, discuss with them. Share your problems, doubts with your friends. Apart from the studies, have a small chat about any other topic which will freshen up your mind.

Go for a walk. Listen to your favorite music and relax your mind. Do whatever makes you feel relieved and fresh. Do not skip your meals as health is wealth. An overnight exam preparation won’t make you a JEE topper. So, follow your sleep routine strictly. Enjoy your studies with your day-to-day activities.

With these activities, refresh your tired mind and body and come back to your study table with the aim and objective which is “To crack JEE with the best percentile and to make yourself and your family proud”.

I wish you all the best for your future and successful life!


Ms. Pranjali Tete

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