A Place for Excellence

& Perfection

A Place for Excellence & Perfection

Our Mission

  • To impart the best quality education to the students.
  • To revolutionize education in India by setting new benchmarks for quality teaching with evolved learning
  • To make evolved learning accessible and affordable to every individual, empowering them with the knowledge to realize their potential and achieve their dreams and ambitions
  • To experiment with newer ideas that motivates each one of us every day to improve on what we have already achieved
Our mission
Our Mission IIT Inspire

Our Vission

  • To respect distinction and leadership in the field of Education and Training.

Excellent Infrastructure

Every IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science center is a state-of-the-art, air-cooled, projector equipped expertly designed to provide the most conductive learning experience.


Personal Touch

We have always believed that a personalized touch produces better results and thus pays more attention to the academic development of each student.


Expert Professors

We have only 3 high-quality centers and hire only the best professors at each branch. Most of our professors have an average experience of more than 15 years teaching their subjects.

Others Teach, We Educate!

Courses We Offer

We are one stop solutions for all the coaching needs for students of XI-XII class.

XI-XII science(state/CBSE)

XI-XII Science (State/CBSE)

JEE mains advance

JEE (Mains + Advance)







NTSE / KVPY / Olympiads

NTSE / KVPY / Olympiads

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Know from our Students, Teachers and Parents

I pursued classes to prepare the NEET test within IIT Inspire. I really enjoyed that moment, all teachers are really nice and helpful. In term of teaching, the course is well run and prepare us to all points of the NEET test. I highly recommend IIT Inspire academy of science

Nidhi Bele


IIT Inspire is a great academy where you can improve your knowledge while you live in a family or hostel. You have variety of schedules to choose the one that best suits you and make the free activities to interact with other students and learn more about the personality development. I took a year at classes and I recommend it because I think I can learn a lot with them.

Anuja Hedao


I really value my education at IIT Inspire academy of Science for many reasons. First, I get to learn about many things I never knew about. Another reason is that the teachers here really care about you and your education. Also, I have a lot of chances to make up work during the week. Tutoring is also available after school for those students who don’t understand something. Lastly, this coaching has a safe learning environment and I learn many things here. These are some of the many reasons why I value my education at IIT inspire science academy.

Piyush Upadhyay


I just want to say that IIT Inspire helps me to learn a lot of things this year. I get a lot of help with the subjects specially Physics. I love the teachers. They are very patient with me, trying to take their time and teach me. Mr. Jeet sir is such a caring and loving person. He always smiles and makes people laugh. Mr. Sovani sir is helping us succeed in our math and I really thank him for that.

I love all of the teachers and the staff even if I get in trouble. I will always care for them. This institution is so amazing and fun.
Administration is very nice and I thank you all for letting me in your institution .

Prakash Badwaik


IIT Inspire Academy of Science represents an opportunity for every teacher to maximize their potential and to watch their students growing. The reason why I’ve chosen IIT Inspire is joy of seeing every child develop new skills and building their lives on knowledge and hard work. IIT Inspire is also a perfect place for students to understand that their voices do matter and are listened. It is indeed amazing to see inspired teachers who want to make a difference in teaching and to have a place in their students’ hearts.

Sovani Sir


We can tell you that we are very happy with the classes, its teachers and the education you provide to our son. We thank the team for the great service you provide, and the skills you teach our son. When looking at the team of teachers you provide, I can tell you that we are very satisfied. I am, as a business leader, quite impressed on how little impact the impressive growth IIT Inspire has experienced over the last years. Good work.

Mr. Bangale


I personally know Jit sir since childhood. He has always been hardworking and has been teaching since a very early age and over time has developed really great efficiency over the subject of Physics. He is not only a great teacher but leads IIT Inspire with a great vision towards success.

IIT Inspire Academy of Science doesn’t just deal with regular academia, time to time students a graced with guest lectures with different topics which helps them with personality development and other aspects of life enabling them to not only a better student but also a better person altogether.

Palash Madakwar

Guest Lecturer, Managing Director of illuminate Datamatics (P) Ltd.